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About Gerri Dream Life Coaching

About GerriI have trained in a Diploma in Personal Performance with the Coaching Academy, the largest training academy in coaching in the world. That means you can rest assured that I am professionally trained and work to a strict code of ethics. My passion is “you” and helping you have the life you deserve, using the skills and knowledge you already have.

My experience is in working with and understanding my clients and delivering results. I achieve this through forming powerful relationships that support my clients to harness their inner strengths and skills. I trust my clients to know what they want and that they possess everything they need to be successful, I can help you find them.

DreamLife – About Me

Dreaming big is your right and choice, I will help you find the life and dreams you are seeking. A dream that is written down, becomes a goal, a goal moves you one step closer to your dream life. Work with me to fulfil your potential and have a life that is filled with potential, challenge, and inspiration.

Life is full of choices, as a life coach I will help you find the right ones for you.

Gerri Moore, Director Dreamlife Coaching
Dream Life Coaching

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Dream Life Coaching

Ms L

Gerri understood my values and linked my session goals to these values. Through Gerris coaching I have been able to achieve my goals much faster then on my own. My life / work balance has also improved and the actions that we put in placed through the coaching process means I am able to continue improving my work/life balance. I have trusted Gerri throughout the coaching sessions and felt very comfortable to share details with her and am pleased with what I have achieved during our sessions and how I am able to continue to move forward.

Mrs D

When working with Gerri, she immediately put me at my ease. Her manner is extremely professional but relaxed. She helped me become more aware of my limiting beliefs and made me challenge them. Her approach is subtle, and she has the ability to summarise very quickly and ask thought provoking questions. It was a pleasure been coached by Gerri and I have learned and grown in confidence as a result.

Mr M

Gerri really helped me to raise my self-awareness and gain some clarity on the things which were slowing me down. Gerri was great at challenging my limiting beliefs from a place of compassion and support and helped me realise why they were preventing me from moving forward and taking action towards my goals. I enjoyed building out a plan and a list of action items and then turning up to our next session with the items completed. I would recommend working with Gerri if you’re looking for a great coach to help you achieve your goals.

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