7 Reasons I Love To Be Organised

7 Reasons I Love To Be OrganisedLike most people I often lead a hectic life, balancing my work, family, friends, leisure time, learning time and looking after the home can be a daunting experience. In the past I have experienced overwhelm by the number of tasks I needed to get done and this has resulted in me being unhappy, feeling unwell and not having the time I want to reach my goals and dreams.

My attitude to this was changed by 2 separate experiences, working with a business coach who helped me realise that disorganisation was not my friend and had a negative impact on my life and business, and working with a virtual PA. WOW are virtual PA’s organised and focused and the amount they can achieve is truly inspiring.

So, I became a much more organised person.

These are the top 7 reasons why I love to be organised

  1. It reduces my stress and anxiety – having a neatly planned diary for work and home makes decision making easier and allows me time to plan in important social connections which brings a smile to my face and to those around me.
  2. It boosts my self-esteem and confidence – I feel proud of being able to fit in everything that life is demanding of me, I feel I have achieved well, and I just love to hear people praising my organisational skills.
  3. My focus is improved, and I can achieve more in a shorter timescale.
  4. I have more time for social activities and meeting up with friends which is a vital part of my self-care regime.
  5. It improves the profitability of my business as I concentrate on the areas where I can make a difference instead of scattering my efforts in areas where I do not have the necessary skill set or where it is better to delegate to someone else.
  6. My health is improved -my diet and exercise plans are better by planning my meals and shopping for the foods I need and by putting in the diary when I will exercise, I remain committed and achieve more.
  7. I have more energy – by knowing what I will do when, by creating lists, by not being indecisive, I save my energy for the important things in my life. Who doesn’t appreciate more energy in their day?

What are your favourite reasons for being organised? Is organisation an area where you would like to improve? Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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