ValuesDuring my childhood I was brought up with certain values; honesty, respect and hard work are just a few of those values that were instilled in me and remain constant in my life today. However, as I grew up, I realised that this went deeper. My values are the things that are the most important to me and those that I focus on when deciding what I am going to do.

Values drive my choices and decision making, they help me choose who I will work with, and they are part of my motivation to get going and succeed. When I reflect, I realise that most of my values were instilled in me by my parents, teachers, and other significant figures in my formative years. At times these experiences were pleasurable and other times they were painful, but they were informative and long lasting.


Having time to spend exploring what values are is not always easy, however if we don’t understand what makes us tick or gets the adrenaline flowing, then how can we motivate ourselves to be successful? All of us need to understand our values and reflect on these regularly to address our mindset and to help us move towards are dreams and desires.

The values we hold can help us move towards something, such as integrity, having fun or adventure, giving us security or enjoyment. On the other hand, they can move us away from something such as boredom, frustration, rejection, or anger. Therefore, to be motivated to succeed we need to recognise if we want to move towards our desire or way from something that is holding us back.

We Can Share The Same Value

It is also important to understand that we can share the same value as our friend or colleague and yet it can mean something different to us both. We can also share a desired outcome, but our motivation can come from opposite directions. Whatever the value is that is driving us, to give our time and effort to ensure we meet it, will be shown in the focus we have and the actions we are prepared to take. This can be described as, the internal motivation that ensures our success. My values are part of me and are the internal motivator that moves me towards my Dream Life.

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