GoalsThroughout my career I have often been set goals that need to be achieved in my role, I didn’t always see this as a benefit to me only to my employer. How wrong was I? When I started coaching, I realised that if I didn’t define what I wanted to achieve, then how could I know where to start and even if I had reached my destination. Goal setting provided the starting point for my life journey, I realised that goal setting is a powerful process that I am in complete control of.

I started to think about setting a goal as putting a destination into my navigation system, once I knew where I was going then I would find a detailed route of how to get there. But how do I determine my end destination? By considering what excited me and what memories I wanted to make. I had dozens of ideas about what I wanted to achieve in my life. I didn’t see these as goals but as my dreams and aspirations.

“The Answer”

I remember reading a book called “The Answer” and I was encouraged to write down everything I wanted to achieve, the science is that once you do this you raise your brains awareness to what you want to achieve, and you will see opportunities to reach your dreams. I wrote down I wanted to visit Australia, I had no idea when or how I would do this, but I dreamed of visiting this exciting country and having a life changing experience. Suddenly I was aware of adverts for Australia, I saw programmes about it, was this just a coincidence or was my brain now honed to opportunities? I investigated staying with some family and yes, I did visit Australia in 2017 making my dream come true.

We all have ambitions to visit places, make memories and have exciting experiences, what does your dream life look like for you? Write your own list of all the dreams you want to achieve; this is the start of setting your goals. You will then experience that goals are just your dreams written down.

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