DeclutteringAs I sit thinking about Spring I am thinking about longer brighter days, sunshine, and the endless opportunities that the summer will bring. Looking around me I get the urge to declutter, to make space and to be cleaner and more productive. So where do I start? Kitchen cupboards seem the best part, getting rid of anything that no longer serves its purpose or is out of date and really needs to go.

As a personal development coach, I am drawn to the similarities to decluttering my home and helping clients declutter their lives. During a discovery call I explore all the things my clients have been considering but not taking action to achieving yet. Together we can get rid of those things that are no longer a priority or they are now not even wanted.

Goal Setting

In setting goals for our sessions my client sorts out the clutter and gains focus and clarity on the direction they want to travel. During the process old goals and dreams can get recycled into fresh approaches and new ideas. The result is like sitting back and admiring the newly decluttered home, fresh, bright, and ready to enjoy the experience.

Clients feedback that this is inspiring and motivating and helps them to focus their attention on where they can make a difference. I watch their faces and see the joy and excitement of the possibilities that lie before them. This is the most rewarding part of my role as a coach, watching people realise that decluttering helps them regain focus, gives the time and space to the most important things in their lives, and moves them closer to where they want to be.

Start Decluttering!

My challenge to you this month is to start decluttering. Start with one draw or cupboard and feel the satisfaction. Then speak to a coach about how they can support you to declutter your life and to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

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