Decluttering 5 top tips

Decluttering 5 top tipsAs I sit thinking about Spring I am thinking about longer brighter days, sunshine, and the endless opportunities that the summer will bring. Looking around me I get the urge to declutter, to make space and to be cleaner and more productive. So where do I start? Kitchen cupboards seem the best part, getting rid of anything that no longer serves its purpose or is out of date and really needs to go.

Decluttering can be a job that we are inclined to put off, we know that we will have to make a mess to solve the problem of untidy cupboards or overcrowded wardrobes. We all need some support to get started, so here are my top tips to successful decluttering.

1. Start small

Whether it is a cupboard in your home or an aspect of your life, always start small. This will help prevent overwhelm and the chance that you will just give up and close the idea down. It will also help you to gain a few quick wins, and who wouldn’t want that? Small steps will help you gain momentum and increase motivation and enthusiasm. Think of a small snowball that you start rolling down a hill, the ball grows and starts to move faster and faster.

2. Simplify your calendar and create a simple routine

Look at your calendar for the next week and see what things you can take out of your diary to create more time. What are you doing just for the sake of it? Make a conscious choice to only commit to meetings or other activities that serve you. Create a daily routine that helps you focus and be productive through your day, it is important to not to be rigid in this routine when great opportunities present themselves. Life is about being spontaneous and having some fun. Completing these two things will eliminate disorder in your life, reduce stress and increase energy levels.

3. Have a one touch rule

This means only touching things once and moving on. Emails read it, action it and don’t touch it again. Tasks, when you do something complete it in one go. Everything that you touch both physical or virtual only do it once, this will provide you with more physical and mental space for other things. Give it a go and see what results you get.

4. Clear apps on your phone

Over time we create more and more apps on our phones, how often do you find yourself searching for a particular app without success? Spend the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee to clear those Apps that you don’t use, this will make you feel better as you spend less time searching and it will be like clearing out a cupboard. Success, you have continued your decluttering.

5. Work on eliminating your bad habits

What habits are you doing daily that are creating clutter and disorganisation in your life? This will mean taking a long look in the mirror at yourself and being honest about the things you are doing that are holding you back. Once you have focused on the habits that you want to change, try introducing new habits that will support the changes you want to make. I hear you saying that this is easier said than done, and yes, I totally agree! But you need to start somewhere, and you will notice quite quickly how small changes can have a big influence on your life and your achievements.

Spring is a fantastic time to declutter both your physical and mental space, so this month’s challenge is to start with just one of these top tips and see how much better you feel. I would love it if you would message me and let me know how you get on.

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