Decluttering: A Case Study

Decluttering: A Case StudyI met Charlie through a mutual contact who recommended my coaching services to her when she said that life had become a struggle, and she didn’t know where to start to make it better. We arranged a discovery call so that I could find out more about Charlie and her current needs. We clicked immediately and Charlie engaged my services for a series of nine coaching sessions.

Charlie worked as a manager in a busy office dealing with customer enquiries, order placement and general information. It became apparent through our discussion that the main problem lay in disorganisation both at home and work. Charlies identified her long-term goal as creating routines and habits that were based in organisation and structure. We explored ways of improving things for her and how she could build new successful habits.

Full Commitment

There was full commitment from Charlie to complete her agreed actions after each session and established some great routines. She organised her emails into clear folders so that she could quickly find information when needed. She adopted a one touch rule which meant dealing with things such as email in one go which saved time going back to tasks later. Her workspace was reorganised so that the things she used most frequently were close to hand and the result was that she worked in a calmer and more stimulating environment. Charlie reported that her stress levels reduced, she had more energy and focus. Her staff also reflected on what she was doing, and they too were more organised and achieving more. They also reported feeling happier within the workplace and were more productive with increased motivation and work satisfaction.

Celebrated Successes

Charlie celebrated her successes by enjoying a well-deserved spa day with her friend, have you considered how coaching can support you in improving your life? Contact Gerri at dreamlife coaching for a no obligation chat to find out more.

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