What does a Coach do?

What does a Coach do?We are probably all familiar with the term coach in connection with high level sports such as football and athletics, it is also fair to assume that we see this type of coach as teaching skills and telling an individual what to do to improve performance. To understand what a coach who specialises in life coaching does it would be better to think about the coach that we sit on and takes us on a journey.

A personal development (life) coach works with you to understand the direction you want to move in and where your ultimate destination is. They support you in identifying goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound. Then sessions break these goals down into smaller, session goals with clear and agreed actions to be taken between sessions to move the client forward.

Difference In Coaches

The major difference between sports coaches and personal development coaches is that the latter does not tell you what to do or try and teach you new skills. They have complete faith in the client’s ability to achieve whatever they want to. They believe you hold all the answers and necessary skills to reach the goal.

The coach’s role is to hold the space for the client to explore all possibilities to achieve the ultimate dream, they actively listen and raise the client’s awareness to skills and abilities they have forgotten about. They encourage creative thinking and open possibilities not previously considered, by helping the client engage with their unconscious mind. When we work with our conscious mind we are constrained by fear, limiting beliefs and barriers we impose on ourselves.

Challenging The Client

The coach plays an important role in challenging the client, they won’t let you procrastinate or make excuses for not completing the agreed tasks. They will bring you back to the goal when you stray away from what is necessary to achieve the goal. The coach holds you accountable for moving forward, completing actions and being present throughout the session.

They help you to celebrate your success, however small or large they are. They celebrate your success themselves as when you succeed, they know they have successfully completed their role as a coach.

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