How Journaling Will Help You Achieve Goals & Improve Your Well-Being

How Journaling Will Help You Achieve Goals & Improve Your Well-BeingRecently I seem to have been bombarded with adverts or emails about journaling. This made me think about journaling in more depth and deciding about using this as a tool with my coaching clients.

Journaling is simply about writing freely about what is happening to you. As well as the emotions and feelings that manifest from these experiences. To gain the best from this process it should be something that is completed daily. So how can journaling be of benefit to you?

It helps you to prioritise your feelings, concerns, worries, or fears. Some perspective can be put against these and how much they are really affecting you and what you might want to do about them. Journaling will also help quieten the negative self-talk we can all experience from time to time. It is then possible to replace these feelings with positive and resourceful emotions that will serve you well in reaching your goals and dreams.

The process of journaling also helps you track your progress against your life goals and dreams. In the first instance it may even help you determine what these goals or dreams are that you want to achieve. This process not only helps you decide on the direction you want to take but can significantly improve your confidence and well-being, as you become focused and can see the improvements you are making daily.

How Journaling Will Help You

Do you ever look back at your day and only see the negative things that happened? I certainly do and this can be really demotivating and even leave me feeling down and sad. By journaling it is possible to put your day into perspective and to see the positive things that have happened.

Journaling can have a therapeutic effect as it helps us to look at events or experiences more effectively and with a degree of objectiveness that we wouldn’t otherwise gain. It can help us cope with what is happening around us and too us. We can then build on the resourceful states that we have experienced, which will have a positive affect moving forward.

Through writing down what has happened in a day we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, what motivates or demotivate us. How we react to events and what internal resources we posses that have help us. This can help us to dismiss thoughts and emotions that do not help us and store the helpful resources or states in our unconscious mind to use in the future. Journaling has so many positive outcomes I would invite you to give it a try.

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