The Power of 1

The Power of 1I have been reminded recently that it is very easy to spend most of our time busy. Busy with work, busy with looking after family. Busy with household chores, busy cooking, busy shopping! Stop, when did you last take time for yourself and your own interests or dreams? Many of you may struggle to remember when it was. So I would like to set you a challenge, are you willing to rise to it?

The challenge is the power of 1. Every day for the next 30 days you will do one thing that is just for you, you need to do it guilt free and without apology and you mustn’t make excuses why you cannot do it. It can be anything from reading a book while having a cup of coffee or taking a long bath while playing loud music. I challenge you to think freely and do something that will bring you joy, contentment and put a smile on your face.

I have considered what I will do, and I think I have the answer. Reading, I love reading and find it difficult sometimes to find the time to follow my passion. So, every day for the next 30 days I am going to read one chapter of a book, away from others and with a delicious cup of coffee to accompany this special time.

The Power of 1

I will relish this time and the learning that will spark new ideas and knowledge, I think that I should be able to get through at least two books, what do you think? I am also going to keep a gratitude diary and put down three things that I am grateful for daily.

So today I am grateful for: My family, the space to write this and for those people who are positive around me and lift me instead of dragging me down.

The challenge starts here, what is your power of 1? What are three things that you are grateful of today. Let me know how you get on at

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