Imposter Syndrome

Imposter SyndromeI have had a successful career and am capable of anything I set my mind too, however I often doubt myself and this is because of the imposter that sits on my shoulder and her inner chatter interferes with my normal thinking.

My imposter is called Chrissie and I know her well, we have been acquainted for many years. Now I know Chrissie has my best interests at heart, but she doesn’t want me doing anything too risky, anything that might hurt me, or that will embarrass me.


Chrissie says things like; “don’t do that its far too risky” “you can’t do that, you don’t have the skills” You’re going to talk to all those people, what if it goes wrong and you embarrass yourself?” “That is full of potential problems, are you sure you’re ready?”

My reply to Chrissie is that I’m okay, I’ve prepared for this and know I’m ready, I need to move into my stretch zone because this is where I learn, develop, and grow. Do things sometimes go wrong? Of course, they do, but when they do I learn from it and am better the next time. Do people laugh at me? No, they don’t because they want me to succeed too, and they understand that at times we all take risks. Risk taking is part of life, when children learn to walk, they are unsteady on their feet and often fall over. Do they lay on the floor and give up trying? No, they don’t, they persevere until they master the art of walking, then running and even jumping and climbing.

Who is your imposter

So, who is your imposter? What are they called? What do they say to you to stop you from working in your stretch zone and growing? Life coaching can help you identify your imposter and to challenge the negative thinking that they fill your head with. It can challenge your limiting beliefs and help you to have resourceful states that serve you well and support your personal growth.

My challenge to you this month is to try a life coaching taster session, discover what it involves and how it can benefit you in achieving your goals and dreams. Where can you spare 30 minutes to connect with me and open a new world of resourcefulness, empowerment, and inspiration?

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