Different Types Of Goals

Different Types Of GoalsWhen I was first introduced to setting goals for myself I only thought about it in terms of my job, the job description I had and what my boss was expecting of me. Recently through the training I have received and my own development I have discovered that there is more to goals then I first thought.

There are 3 different types of goals and as a life coach it is my job to help clients distinguish between these and set the goals that serves them the best. Number 1 is process goals: this the process of performing, for instance that you want to read one chapter of a book a day to improve your learning and knowledge.

Different Types Of Goals

Number 2 are performance goals: These involves the actions and tasks you will take on a daily / weekly basis to move forward towards your ultimate destination. Performance goals are the stepping zones on the way to the bigger dreams.

Number 3 are outcome goals: This is about winning, what do you want to achieve and where do you want to be in 3. 6, or 12-months’ time? How will you know when you have achieved the desired outcome? A life coach can help you distinguish between the goals and to identify the key actions you need to take to move along your journey. They we also help you to celebrate your success.

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