Setting Goals?

Setting Goals?You are probably aware of the term goals but may think this is just something that people do in terms of their job or career. This is not the case, it is quite common for people to set goals, dreams or aspirations for their lives and future. This might be to travel more, to read, lose weight or eat healthier, but what does goal setting involve?

The starting point is carefully thinking about what you want to do in life, it involves taking positive actions to move yourself forward. Setting goals requires self-motivation, managing your own emotions, and the behaviours you exhibit. A life coach will help you to identify where you currently are, where you want to be, any possible actions you could take and those that you commit to taking. Your coach will hold you accountable and challenge you to move into your stretch zone and to keep moving forward towards your dreamlife.

Setting Goals?

Arranging a discovery call will give you the opportunity to find out more, ask questions you may have and to see if you feel you can work with the coach. 30 minutes of your time could be the start of a fulfilling and exciting future.

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