Goals a case study

Goals a case studyI first met Helen when she contacted me to enquire about using a life coach to achieve her goal of performing on stage in a play. Helen had been considering this for many years as she had enjoyed amateur dramatics at university, however life had got in the way and she had felt she needed to put others needs first and constantly pushed away this dream.

Helen was at a point where she suddenly found herself with more free time and had started to dream again about performing. This was no longer a passing thought but something that she was constantly thinking about, and she knew she had to pursue her dream.

Goals a case study

During our coaching sessions Helen identified the long-term dream of performing in a stage play with a date of 12 months’ time. Over 9 sessions she set process and performance goals in areas such as having some singing lessons, voice projection and confidence improvement.

Together we explored the negative emotions that were holding her back and some limiting decisions she had made that maybe an obstacle to her being successful. Using NLP techniques Helen overcame the negative emotions she had been holding for a long time and changed her limiting decisions that had been an obstacle to her success previously.

Coaching enabled her to set her goals in positive terms, using anchors to harness positive resources. Finally, Helen’s goals were set in the future with her visualising her successfully performing and looking back on all the positive events along her journey. 10 months after first setting the goal of performing on stage, Helen stepped out in the ensemble of a performance of Hairspray.

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