The three C’s

The three C’s I would ask you to imagine that you are taking a long journey, this will involve many hours of travelling, some stops on the way to rest, eat and refuel, but where do you start? Firstly you would put the destination into the satnav, deciding if you want to avoid motorways or any other specific information that would be important.

By setting the destination first you have a clear understanding of where you are going. Coaching is a powerful process that is like having another person sitting in the passenger seat supporting you on your journey.

The three C’s

The process of coaching takes confidence to be active in the journey, it helps you identify the capabilities you already possess that you can harness to achieve your dreams. Finally, it involves commitment to take daily actions to continually move yourself forward.

The long-term goal sets the vision for where you want to be at the desired time. Setting short term goals during sessions helps maintain motivation by seeing progress and success regularly. The setting of goals will help you measure success and achievement and is therefore highly motivating and inspiring

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