Letting go of the past and new beginnings

Letting go of the past and new beginningsA few days ago, I was having lunch with an old school friend of mine, and we were reminiscing about old time, particularly our school days. During our chat we had highlighted that there were some people who were holding on to negativities from their past which was creating negative emotions within them and having a detrimental effect of their health and well-being.

This got me thinking about why anyone would want to hold on to a memory and experience that was hurting them? My training as a personal life coach and Master NLP practitioner helped me to realise that in these situations people were stuck in the cycle of negativity surrounding the past. They need support to release the negative emotions and to reframe their experiences positively to help them.

Letting go of the past and new beginnings

As a certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Resourcing® I have the skills and knowledge to release those negative emotions of: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Stress and Guilt to enable anyone who wants to let go of the past, to reframe experiences and to move forward with positive intention.

No one has to continue to live a life dominated by negative emotions and we can all release them when we are ready to do so. Living and working in a world where we have eliminated limiting decisions enables us to be free to move forward, to achieve anything we want to and to live a fulfilled and positive life. If you know someone who is stuck in the cycle of negative emotions and limiting decisions, help them to embrace new beginnings by letting go of the past.

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