New beginnings a Case study

New beginnings a Case studyJane was introduced to me by a mutual friend. I was told that Jane had recently been divorced and was made redundant a matter of months later from a job that she absolutely loved. Her confidence was low, and she felt she had lost her identity. We agreed to have a discovery call so that I could find out more about her and we could see if we were a good fit as coach and client.

Jane was an energetic and focused women who wanted to be successful. She had a dream of running her own copy writing business. We hit it off immediately and discovered we had a shared love of music and films; this helped us to build rapport and trust which is vital in the coaching relationship.

New beginnings a Case study

We embarked on a 9-session course of coaching via zoom with gaps of two to three weeks between sessions. Jane already had a degree in marketing advertising. With a goal of been qualified as a copy writer within 6 months. Her goal was to have successfully completed the online course. Along the way Jane also set smaller goals about getting her business name. As well as exploring ideas for a website. Along with starting to engage with potential clients through social media and networking.

During our sessions I witnessed Janes confidence soaring, she was creative, engaged and fully committed to achieving her goals. She regularly took agreed actions and by the end of our coaching she was nearing her qualification, had a fantastic business name and logo (which she designed herself) and her website was nearing completion and ready to launch. Jane had used contacts form her pervious job to find new clients and had two that were committed to using her achievement.

We celebrated after every session with Jane identifying a small treat, she would give herself for completing her actions and we celebrated with a glass of bubbly at the end. I am excited to watch Jane flourish further as she moves her business forward. My challenge this month is for you to identify something that you have always wanted to do but have been afraid to start and then to take one small step towards doing this.

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