Meet Lauren

Meet LaurenI first me Lauren when I was training as a personal development (life) coach, she had recently discovered that she had type 2 diabetes and had been unwell for several weeks. Lauren’s confidence was low, and she believed that her diagnosis of a long-term health condition had ruined her life and she would have to rethink everything she had dreamed of achieving.

Lauren approached me for coaching to try and work out what to do next. We began by exploring her values and what was important to her, by undertaking a values exercise we established that working hard and achieving, honesty and perseverance were her top values. Exploration of honesty for her meant accepting that she had diabetes and that she couldn’t continue with her current lifestyle or diet without making changes.

Meet Lauren

Lauren decided to start her coaching journey by refining her diet and losing a set amount of weight within 4 weeks. Together we explored how previously she had lost some weight and identified her knowledge and skills that she could use to get her diabetes under control. Lauren found this a positive experience to realise she had skills and knowledge she could harness to achieve her new goals.

It was important in the coaching process to raise Laurens awareness to the belief that having a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes was affecting her outlook on achieving her goals and it was also affecting her core values of working hard / achieving and perseverance. Her belief that diabetes meant you were no longer fit enough to work full time was limiting her ability to achieve.

We discussed where this belief came from and what would happen if she stopped believing it was true. Lauren decided to research more about type 2 diabetes and discovered a book by Patrick Holford “say no to diabetes” this revolutionised her thinking about her diagnosis and at every session I saw her confidence grow and her achievements get greater and greater. Lauren and I have continued working together and she continues to strive for amazing achievements.

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