The Importance Of Saying No!

The Importance Of Saying No!When I was sitting thinking the other day and I started to wonder why I often find myself saying “yes” to so many things? I say yes to looking after grandchildren, yes to running people about, yes to an extra piece of work and yes to so many other things. I thought about what that meant for me, distraction from getting my work done, less time to do what I want to achieve, the feeling of guilt rising if I dare say no and the expectation that I will say yes to everything an assumption by others. It can cause stress always saying yes, and having little or no time for yourself.

I’m not saying that it is easy to say no, of course it isn’t and sometimes it is the correct decision to say yes. Consider if you have said yes because you want to do it or you have said yes because you want others to see you as a nice person, a giver and does it make you feel good? Was your intention to say yes? Are you doing the task unconditionally or with resentment or a feeling of necessity?

The Importance Of Saying No!

What was your upbringing like? Were you taught it is polite to say yes and rude to say no? I definitely had the influence that I shouldn’t say no to people as that is rude and not a Christian thing to do. In their book “Be more Kid” Mark and Nicky Taylor discuss a win-win situation, they discuss how this takes adaptability. This reminded me of a situation recently when my grandson wanted to go out to buy some new trainers, I would normally say yes out of love and wanted him to have the best, however I really needed to finish an assignment. So, I looked at my diary and saw that I was due to go shopping two days later. Si I said no to going at that moment, but yes for two days later. WIN – WIN.

If you could say no to one thing today, what would it be? I would say no to a meeting that will not serve me well and I have just been roped into, that would give me an extra 2 hours to write a chapter of my book. HOW EXCITING! So, What will you consciously say no too today?

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